The Month Ahead Subscription Channels are for the twelve astrology signs.

Subscribing is a 'tool of vision' in how you can step into the opportunities that the month has in store. 

Subscribe to both your sun and ascendent signs, or just one. You receive the energy imprint of

the month described to you in a mundane language along with the astrological transits or

'Windows of Time' for the month.  Videos are released on the first of every month. 

Astrology Forecast & Riddle for December!

"Deep arousal in your rebirth, stamina is strong! Hearing the truth in your call?"

"Romance is yours, arousal of creation. A new path for your enjoyment." 

"New money and power initiates your value! Study to learn something new."

"Your dreams do come true, but with time, you'll adjust to the new you."

"Others provoke in you power and awakening. The passion in new truth?" 

"Home and family calls your focus. The fertility to create in your quest."

"Feeling your power to conquer? Your Pheonix is rising into power."

"You rlifepath is igniting in power. Stay true to your vision, inspired. "

"Deep stamina to heal yourself and to serve others. Seeing into the other?"

"Power in your decision, deals are moved onto. Home has new meaning."

"People show up out of the woods. Complete the mission, you're shining."

"Strong vision and the truth of your power. Place it well on your mission."