Shadow to Light Path

Awakening Guidance through talk therapy & shamanism.

Shadow to Light Path sessions are a guiding journey into the deeper realms of our human psyche.  In exploring these inner domains, we begin to discover the 'subconscious archetypal imprint' upon our psyche.  Where oftentimes, our instinctive personal motives have been hidden, allowing our early childhood formative years to have developed our current adult perspectives.  This can be the cause, oftentimes, to 'adult life crisis'...  a perfect and timely opportunity to embark on this journey of self awareness and deep transformation. 

Through conversation, inquiry and reflective dialogue, you will be lead into discovering for yourself, your own subconscious conditioning.  The Shadow to Light Path is a process of uncovering these hidden inner realms of the psyche in a supportive and powerfully reflective manner.   Also with the tools to get yourself through the challenge and towards your greater awareness.  Be prepared to have a meaningful dialogue, where energetic patterns show the way to your true EXPRESSION OF YOUR SOUL PATH.

The quantity of sessions that will best serve you is entirely your choice.  However, developing a trust and familiarity to this work is key to the level of reflection that you will be open to exploring, for yourself.   It is recommended that you participate in this work with a 'continuous and committed' series of sessions to fully explore and transform.  Since every individual person is going to process the material of the subconscious realms differently,  you have several options in how to proceed that will best suite you.

                                                                                                                       A single session.

Are a great introduction that can map out the main target or intention for the work.


Session Packages for one or three months. 

Applied within one month is a beginning to step into the commitment of the work, the road map is set and the discoveries begin.   

This is excellent for anyone who has an immediate need to  reflect and gain information on a current life crisis or decision.