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Sacred Group Initiation of Aeons

Activating the Remembrance  of the LightBody.

Step into the sacred journey of this Soul-Life, this Race Cycle, now. 

The Lemurian Awakening merges us from Aeons ago.

The key is in our DNA. 

 The process of releasing is profound and eternal. 

 The wave that was initiated then in Lemuria, is here now.


This is the healing of the Race Cycle. 

Where awareness and forgiveness meet

from the beginning of our time.  

   Purging through ourselves Aeons worth of hue-man history

  in pure forgiveness.



Offered on the Island of O'ahu, North Shore.

A retreat center.


Full Four Day Consciousness Empowerment 

Assisting in the transformation of Shadow to Light, through Aeons!


Using the combined skills of

Soul Astrology 

Kundalini Yoga Practices 

Sacred Group Work

Shamanic Ritual and Healing Journeys


A Sweat Lodge guided by Cj.


Working with the ancestors and the tribe,

stellar and earth bound.


Bringing unity where there has been separation, 

in the physical world and etheric realms.

Healing the family of families. 


Partake in Sacred Nature Adventures!  

Off Coast Whale & Dolphin Swimming.

Hiking Trails & Sweat Lodge.


Shamanic Sound Healing, journaling, Soul travel,

Sounding & Toning.

Date :

February 13-17th 2020


Arrival to retreat center (11-3 pm)

Thursday, February 13th 2020. 


Opening Ceremony will be late afternoon.

Departure will be after lunch

Monday, February 17th.


Preparation :

It is strongly recommended that anyone who is interested

in the Anatomy Of Healing 4-Day Intensive be somewhat familiar

with Magali's information on the subjects of Shadow Work,

Astrology & Energy Healing.  But not necessary.

A cleansing diet is strongly recommended one week prior to workshop,

with the removal of heavy foods such as meat and dairy,

and alcohol consumption, as well as smoking paraphernalea.



Location & Overnight Lodging : 

The retreat Center is the lodging location with 'shared room' accommodations. 

A few single rooms are available upon a first registration basis,  and at an additional cost. 

The exact address will be available upon registration. The final destination airport is Honolulu Airport. The drive to the retreat center from the airport is approximately one hour by Uber or Taxi.

Formats : 

Full Accomodation Four Full Days.

 North Shore Beachfront Lodging. 

Daily Organic Live Food Meals. 

Four Day Intensive


Sacred Nature Adventures.

Facilitator : 

Magali Boehlen


Fee :

Full Cost Investment  

$1,462.50 USD

Deposit :

Reserve Your Space $475 USD

Non-Refundable Deposit.

Airfare :

Not Included 

To Register :

Contact Magali

1) Schedule Your Phone Interview with Magali to Pre-Register.

2) Submit your down payment of $475 to secure your spot.

3) Payment Balance no later than January December 13th.

*Last minute registrations after January 13th, if space is available, is $1,600.



(Space is Very Limited

North Shore O'ahu 2020

Thursday, February 13th - Monday 17th

Contact Magali for more information & to register.

305.619.1532   Email