Applied Astrology Online Course

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Applied Astrology Online


Applied Astrology Online


Here's why you want to join this online courses!

It's a great way to start the Year; Empowered!

Through the study and practice of Applying Astrology to your Life!   In this course, working with me in a small group setting, I've personally seen so people get so many questions answered and major 'Ah! Ha!' moments!!   


You can join in FEBRUARY in a scheduled class on Sundays at 6pm est, or join on Thursdays at noon, est.  Prefer to not be in a classroom, or can't commit it in your schedule, no problem.  You can participate 'on your own', with complete access to all the videos and the resources I share weekly!  You will receive your weekly transit chart emailed right to you, and you have the leisure to study and review the material at your own pace.  No extra commitment to your already busy schedule. 


Everyone who joins the January Applied Astrology Online Course, wether in a classroom or 'on your own' receives the PassWord Key to access the Website Page where all the classroom material is located in video and image formats.  Each week new videos including the Weekly Forecast, Your Home Study video, and additional supportive videos  are uploaded to the website page, your natal charts with the weekly transits are emailed to you. 


The Home Study Videos with the week's astrology instructions, diagram and questions for you to study and compare to your own chart with the weekly transits each week.  Bonus videos in energy healing, or astrology 'pop quiz' style questionnaire for you to explore as additional supportive material.  Once a week you'll meet in the online group class in a supportive, yet challenging interactive video classroom with a handful of other seekers of truth through the art of Astrology and Awakening.  How exciting!   My greatest passion is to support in group work your awakening through this work! 

Here are additional supportive healing services.

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One-on-one work with Magali

in 3 or 6 package sessions.

In-person Intensive. 

Must already be a student or client.