Applied Astrology Online Course & New Beginner's Course!



Here's why you want to join this online course!

You can join in APRIL in the scheduled class on Sundays at 6pm est.

Each week new videos including the Weekly Forecast, Your Home Study video, and additional supportive videos  are uploaded to the website page, your natal charts with the weekly transits are emailed to you. 


The Home Study Videos with the week's astrology instructions, diagram and questions for you to study and compare to your own chart with the weekly transits each week.  A bonus video 'astrology pop quiz' for you to explore as additional supportive material.  Once a week you'll meet in the online group class in a supportive video classroom with a handful of other seekers of truth through the art of Astrology and Awakening.  How exciting!   My greatest passion is to support in group work your awakening through this work! 

You can join in APRIL in the for beginners building blocks & invite a Friend For Free.

Here is your chance to study the basic building blocks of your natal birth chart. Learn about the houses, elements, triplicities, and simple yet significant qualities in your astrology chart and do it with a in April's Invite Friend For Free!

You'll receive a five-question-quiz each week, looking into some random points of the astrology chart, the meaning of some current transits, describing some of the building blocks of the astrology chart, qualities of planets, houses, rulerships, etc.

You'll be tracking the month's lunar cycle through your chart with one (or two) additional key transits for that month, trackable on the provided monthly ephemeris.

Study your astrology chart for the month along with the pre-recorded videos and join the 'end of the month' monthly (recorded) Zoom Group Meeting. Here, you will be able to go over the month's material in a live video setting. Your Zoom Group Classroom is SUNDAY, APRIL 26th 3:00 - 4:00 pm est.

Here are additional supportive healing services.

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One-on-one work with Magali

in 3 or 6 package sessions.

In-person Intensive. 

Must already be a student or client.